K5BSA repeater 442.800 Richardson TX



  • 442.800 +5MHz Offset
  • 110.9 Hz CTCSS tone for input
  • 110.9 Hz optional on the output

This repeater is a Yaesu DR-2x Fusion repeater with split C4FM mode enabled. The repeater is setup for AutoMode select (AMS) which means it will switch form Digital to Analog based on the input signal. If you use an FM analog radio, the repeater will output an analog signal, but if you use Fusion Digital, the output will be digital. This means that stations set to receive FM analog will not be able to understand stations leveraging Fusion Digital, and vice versa.  If you would like to effectively ignore the digital signals on an FM only radio, please set your CTCSS receive to 110.9 Hz. Digital does not use a CTCSS output. In order to not interfere with digital communications in progress, please watch the “busy” indicator on your radio. With CTCSS receive enabled, you will not know other than this visual indication if the repeater is currently active.

Coverage Area

The repeater easily has a range in excess of 30 mile radius.  A 5 watt handheld radio can easily talk from Denton on the repeater.  Mobile units from Sherman have no problem.


During normal operation, the repeater is linked to North Central Texas Connections (NCTC) when in Digital Narrow (DN) mode. See http://nctc.info for more info on the linked repeater network. The linked network can be changed at a users request and it is commonly changed in the mornings to Texas Nexus or sometimes America Link.   The repeater is set to reset back to NCTC after being idle for 20 min. Digital Wide  (VW) is not linked and only repeated.

Special Use Of Repeater

When requested and approved by the trustee, the repeater link will be turned off to support FM only local events.  This repeater has a very wide coverage area and is commonly requested for the White Rock Lake Marathon event as well as other events.   During these events the repeater will be if requested limited to FM not linked mode and returned to normal split C4FM operation after.